We C.A.R.E.

In order to reach our mission, Heritage Christian Academy focuses on the following core values, which spell out the acrostic CARE:

Christ-Centered: Heritage Christian Academy sees its primary purpose to be a welcoming school where students can be exposed to the rich life of God’s love by knowing Christ personally (John 17:3).  It is our desire that every student comes to a point where Christ is at the center of their life, influencing every thought that they have and action that they make, and in so doing they can spread His Word even further.

Accessibility/Affordability: Allowing Christ to influence every thought and action, we model our school after Jesus’ example of making Himself available to all that would come to Him.  He did not set Himself aside for the most privileged or most affluent, but rather was welcoming to all that wanted to hear Him.  Following His lead, our goal is to be accessible to the greatest number of students and families possible.

Real-Relationships: Motivated by love, God sacrificed His own Son, so that we could have a real eternal relationship with Him (John 3:16).  Likewise, the evidence that we have a vital relationship with Christ shows up in the way we love one another. (John 13:35).  Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is central to every other relationship we have and as we pursue this relationship with Him, He will increase our desire to serve one another.

Educational Excellence: Finally, as a school, these values are expressed in an excellent Christian education. We don’t believe that excellence is compromised with accessibility and therefore, we dedicate ourselves in the pursuit of academic excellence unmatched by both public and other private schools.   It is our desire that each student develop a lifelong love of learning and improving themselves for the future.