Molding Little Minds

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I have been so blessed with being able to teach Kindergarten at Heritage Academy, everyone has been very welcoming here. Our class has been working on their numbers and letters. We are introducing shapes and colors, and working on vowels and sounding out our words. They are very eager to learn. We also have our 100th day party coming up soon, we will have each child bring in 100 small items of their choice. Crazy that we have been in school almost 100 days. One of my favorite moments that has happened in the three months I have been here has been during bible time. One of my students had a very hard time with drop off and transitions. When I asked them why it was hard at drop off, they told me they were afraid. Fortunately, our bible verse that week was Psalms 56:3 ‘What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee’. I explained to them it’s okay to be afraid sometimes, but remember God is with us and that He will take care of us always. That next day instead of having a hard drop off, my student walked into the room and told me ‘I am not afraid because God is with me, just like our bible verse said’. You can imagine the surprise on Moms face! And every time we had a transition they would tell me that they were not afraid, because God would take care of them. Where I previously taught, we didn’t get to talk about God much. It was very hard not to bring God into the classroom for me. What a blessing it is that we are at a School that allows us to teach about the word of God, and helps us mold these little children into amazing adults.


Moriah Napier

Kindergarten Teacher

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