Insect reports, the origin of patriotic songs, fractions, field trips… Just the beginning of what is in store for our 2nd graders!

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We are off to a great start here in second grade! Everyday we learn something new.

Our favorite subject is Science. During the month of October, we learned about worms, how they breathe through their skin and the process of evaporation. We had lots of fun! We also reviewed the parts of plants and how each part has an important job to do. Students also presented a report on an insect that they researched. They did an excellent job sharing the important facts that they learned.

Along with Science, we also learned the first patriotic song of the United States of America in History, we learned to write our own sentences, how to add three digit numbers and currency, and discovered the wonderful world of fractions. However, the month of October would not be complete without our annual field trip to the farm and pumpkin patch.

This year our class visited Blooms and Berries. We had a blast with our “I-Spy” hayride, going through a very challenging corn maze to find clues, petting the animals at the petting zoo, and so much more!

As you can see, our month was full of exciting activities; but, perhaps the most important is when we learned about fire safety. Safety is our first priority once we enter our school and classroom. October is Fire and Safety month; therefore, I invited Firefighter/Paramedic Josh Rider to teach the kids fire safety. We learned how to be safe during a fire, to remain calm if they were to ever see a fire fighter in their home; not be intimidated or scared, because they are only there to help. The kids learned about the importance of having a “meeting place” in case your house is on fire; to STOP, DROP and ROLL when their clothing is on fire, and NOT to go back inside their house for anything during a fire.

We are just getting started. There are always many fun and exciting things to report from Second Grade! Keep your eyes on us as you walk through the halls, and check out what we have in store for November!

Mrs. Rider

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