Fine Arts


1st Grade Starry Night CityscapeWhat is Art?

A Child’s Introduction to Art, by Heather Alexander explains that “most artists will answer that art makes them happy. They are happy when they make it and happy when they look at it, but art is more than fun and decoration.  Art is a way to express oneself.  Through Art you can tell a story or record what someone looks like, share your feelings or communicate ideas or opinions. You can even take a closer look at the world and explore your dreams.” Katie Brass from the Community Recorder also states “that art is necessary for a healthy, vibrant, well-developed economy: for the development of a “whole person” and for a successful school.” Although I agree with both Heather Alexander and Katie Brass, I think it is more than that. I have seen Art change my students lives!

Art is a way to stretch the imagination, to build confidence, social skills, to learn about cultural history, to study individual artist and see how their views on life and way of expressing themselves gave birth to a new way of seeing things. Take for example Andy Warhol, the father of Pop Art.  Before Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can Labels, Advertisement was bland and not as eye catching but with the imagination and courage of one individual, we are forever changed.

In Heritage Academy, from Kindergarten through 8th grade Students study many different Artists, learn modern techniques, as well as, those used throughout history and are given an opportunity to use diverse medias.  Students learn the foundations of Art, and are encouraged to stretch their minds, to think outside of the box, and create individual, one of a kind Art pieces.   After all, Visual Art is a recess for the mind and the foundation for a bright, colorful future!


The community recorder

Katie Brass, Community Recorder guest columnist 9:08 p.m. EDT May 31, 2014.

A Child’s Introduction to Art. The World’s Greatest Paintings and Sculptures.

By Heather Alexander / Illustrated by Meredith Hamilton



6th Graders

1) 8 x 10  Sketchbook – This is used for the students sketchbook assignment which is a quarterly and semester grade.

2) Sheet protectors – These are used in a folder provided by teacher for students to put class notes and handouts in.

7th Graders-

1) 8 x 10  Sketchbook – This is used for the students sketchbook assignment which is a quarterly and semester grade.

2) 2 boxes of 24 Count Crayola Crayons – These are used for a melting crayon project. These must be CRAYOLA crayons.