Fundraisers are a Great Way to Show your Support!


Fundraisers are a GREAT WAY to SHOW your SUPPORT for Heritage Academy, its Students and teachers!  There will be many Fundraisers that you can participate in throughout the year.  Please check back in with us periodically to see what we are up to!


Current Fundraiser(s):

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION- This is a FREE program that donates .10 cents per BOX TOP that the school collects and submits. For more information about this program please select the drop down box labeled Box Tops under the Fundraiser category.

PENNIES FOR MISSIONS- In the Fall we collect money for Miss Perry and some of the seniors to take to Kenya in the Spring on our annual missions trip.  Classes and individuals have the opportunity to win prizes based on how much they collect.

CRAYONS2COMPUTERS- Crayons to Computers ifs an organization that allows teachers and parent volunteers to voluntarily work at the store in exchange for a certificate our teachers can shop with.  This is a great way to give back to the school and support your child’s classroom or your favorite teacher! Go to for more information.